So I really love 5sos inspired shirts but sometimes they can be expensive ((the official YOU COMPLETE MEss shirt is $65 wtf)) and I adore making shirts! So I thought I would give away a few!

What You’ll Get: When I contact the winner I will ask for your size and make you the same three shirts pictured above! I figured I would make new ones because I don’t know what size the winner will be and nobody wants shirts that I’ve been wearing ((ew)) PLUS I figure everyone has a favorite lyric ((obviously mine is Don’t Move, Honey)) so if the winner has a specific lyric or quote they want put on a shirt then I will make a custom shirt for you!!

Rules: 1. You must be following me (suave-cats) HERE (I’ll check when I chose the winner) 2. Reblog this post (likes don’t count but you can use it as a bookmark) 3. Don’t judge how disgusting I look in these pictures  

Extra Entries: Soooooo if you want extra entries (you’ll get like 10 extra entries besides how many times you reblog this) follow my twitter HERE (my handle is @/izzybel_b) plus like tweet me and favorite and retweet stuff bc I’m thirsty and/or my instagram HERE (my handle is also @/izzybel_b) it would be rad if you like pictures as I upload them thanks hahaha also reblog any of my selfies HERE, HERE, and HERE ((I know I’m vain I’m sorry)), A WAY TO GET LOTS AND LOTS OF EXTRA ENTRIES (like double the extra entries) IS TO EITHER SHIP ME/WRITE A LITTLE IMAGINE OR BLURB FOR ME BC I AM LITERALLY SO THIRSY like writing things for me will get lots of extra entries ((just please tag me in it or send it to me if you do this, thank youuuuu)) or just come talk to me HERE because I love making new friends ALSO MESSAGE ME IF YOU DO ANY OF THESE EXTRA THINGS SO I KNOW WHO TO GIVE THE EXTRA ENTRIES TO:)

Winner: I will chose the winner on September 21st ((through a random generator)) because not only is it International Peace Day ((our world needs peace)) but it’s National Women’s Friendship Day and honestly I feel almost all of the girls in the 5sosfam have become friends :) ALSO I will need the winner’s address/P.O box so I can actually send this stuff to them

Disclaimer: so I know I don’t have a fancy giveaway like a new macbook or anything ((i’m broke af I can’t even afford my own PC)) but I hope you guys really like these shirts, they take a long time to make ((except the IDIOT one, that’s pretty quick and simple)) and the shirts themselves/materials aren’t super cheap BUT I’m thinking of adding a REJECTS flannel ((as soon as I buy a flannel and make one I will update this post!)) to add to the giveaway! 

REALLY hope you guys like these shirts and enter the giveaway! 

EDIT: I am  going to push back deadline by one month to October 21st. The reason I’m doing this is because I’m trying to finish all my college applications by October—while staying on top of my school work—which is pretty hard. I feel lie I won’t have enough time to make shirts to giveaway. I’m sorry I’m pushing it back but it just gives you more time to reblog for more entries! :)

Also don’t forget! A good way to get extra entries to follow me on twitter and instagram (like pictures/tweet me and such for more entries) but writing me imagines/blurbs/smut or making me a manip or shipping is like the most extra entries! :)